Land registry plans

Land Registry Title Plan Services

A Land Registry Plan is a necessity when it comes to selling or leasing land and property. Here at Carmichael Geomatics, we ensure compliance with ‘Land Registry Practice Guide 40’ and work closely with your legal advisor to make certain that our plans meet all requirements and contain the necessary detail to avoid future issues.

We can also undertake detailed boundary surveys for the preparation of Determined Boundary Plans.

We will carry out a full measured building survey for current and development projects and can also provide a full UK Land Registry search service.

Land Registry Compliant Plans

Land Registry has, for a number of years now, set out specific requirements for any plans submitted to them including those annexed to transfers or part and registrable leases.

Carmichael Geomatics has vast experience of producing compliant Land Registry Plans for transfer or part, first registrations and registrable leases. Whether you are looking to sell or acquire part of a garden, divide an existing building into separate titles or register agricultural land, we can help with the preparation of the relevant plans often from a desk top basis or, if necessary, through a boundary survey first.

Boundary Surveys

If you have a query regarding the position of your boundary features, we can undertake a survey and plot the survey data onto your Land Registry title plan. The title plan shows the ‘legal’ position of your property’s boundaries, but unless otherwise stated, they are generalised boundaries only.

By overlaying the title plan onto the survey data, this will show up any obvious discrepancies with the actual position of that boundary. Do note, however, that boundaries can change over time, and it is really important to seek the advice of a solicitor or boundary dispute expert to ensure that you cover all aspects of your boundary query.

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Over 40 years experience

The benefits of our planning applications

Our planning applications have many benefits including:

  • Identifying existing conditions and issues with a site
  • Illustrating how building features can be constructed electronically by using CAD
  • Demonstrating any obstacles that may cause problems with the site’s development
  • Providing information that can aid designers in creating suitable designs for the site.

Whether you are looking to develop a small plot of land for a new home or undertaking a major infrastructure project, our surveyors can create the plans you need to move your project forward.

Geomatic solution experts

Why choose Carmichael Geomatics for your land registry planning?

Our experience and depth of knowledge contributes considerably to Carmichael Geomatics’s success in dealing with even the most demanding projects. With a highly experienced and professional management team and staff, we deliver first class projects for multiple sectors.

The majority of our work comes from recommendations by previous customers, which is a testament to our level of service and workmanship. Our clients benefit from a skilled workforce with a track record of integrity and professionalism and all our Land Registry Planning services are of high quality and cost effective.
You can rely on our expertise and professionalism when it comes to quality surveying solutions.
  • Years of experience
  • Competitive prices
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  • Skilled workforce
  • All work guaranteed
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Over 40 years experience

Our fully qualified team of land surveying experts have been providing exceptional services for over 40 years. With our experience growing day by day, we have helped hundreds of clients with their land surveying needs.

In depth & efficient

As professional and highly experienced land surveyors, we have a duty to provide accurate, in depth and non-intrusive surveying that provides all of our clients with the relevant information and actions they need.

Trusted surveyors

From site investigations to BIM modelling and laser scanning to providing an in depth and precise view of the land in question. Carmichael Geomatics has been providing clients with reliable and trusted land surveying for over 40 years.

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